About the site

   You are in a virtual museum of binoculars. The core of this collection are the devices of a world-famous German company Carl Zeiss, which have become the synonyms of exceptional quality, like Swiss watches or Japanese katana swords. Some samples are more than 120 years old, but they are still admired due to design perfection, functionality and reliability (military binoculars) and due to their design beauty (theater binoculars). At the current moment, the museum reckons 109 samples.
   The collection started with Carl Zeiss Telsexor 16x40 binocular of 1915 (No. 1185091), which was accidentally bought at the flea market almost 30 years ago. Despite its age, the binocular could boast with an excellent picture and it was used for an intended purpose since then.
   In 2014, the Carl Zeiss Jena Feldstecher 8 Fach device was accidentally received for repairs http://binocollection.com/catalog/-binoculars-carl-zeiss-jena-feldstecher-8-fach.html. Despite its more than centenarian age, the binocular surprised in a pleasant way by its good picture and beautiful design. Moreover, it had that unique smell of old leather and brass ...) The collection started to grow thanks to new samples!
   More than 80 devices had been collected by 2016 and it was decided to create a virtual museum: the binoculars shouldn’t be covered with the dust on the shelves; people interested in this issue should get to know about them!
   Since there are very few similar virtual collections-museums on the Internet, the main task of this site is to acquaint visitors with Carl Zeiss binoculars’ diversity. The binoculars on the site’s collection are structurally divided by brands and their purpose (civilian and military devices). The models are arranged in alphabetical order. This or that binocular’s model may consist of several samples (different years of production, modernization, or different factories). The model’s “card” contains brief technical specification of the binocular, its description/creation history, the device’s peculiarities and pictures. The binoculars’ 3D animation is the collection’s quintessence, as it allows discerning even the smallest parts.
   In addition, there is a chat in which you can discuss binoculars, put your questions or point out errors/discrepancies in the description and help us to make it more thorough.
   As it was already mentioned above, Carl Zeiss binoculars are the museum’s core, but the binoculars of other brands may also appear in the nearest future.
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