Binoculars Carl Zeiss Jena Turactem 8x24 (1)

Magnification: 8x
Aperture (objective diameter): 24 mm
Field of view: 6.3°
Exit pupil diameter: 3 mm
Visible field of view (eyepiece FOV): 50°
The closest focusing distance: 2.5 m
Width: 15.4 cm
Height: 10.9 cm
Weight: 470 g
Production date: 1932.

  The binocular model with central focusing Turactem 8x appeared in Zeiss catalog T180 in 1914. The device replaced a very successful Telactem 8x model: Zeiss decided to make a cheaper binocular, so he simplified the Turactem design. The new binocular turned out to be much smaller and lighter, and respectively, more convenient in application. However, its field of view was decreased (from 6.6° to 6.3°) and the aberrations increased.
   Turactem was produced from 1914 until approximately 1932. However, in 1912, a very rare and little-known Turactem 8x model was released, which did not appear in any catalog: the device had not central, but lateral focusing:
   All subsequent versions of this binocular model have central focusing mechanism, rounded objective covers and they differ from each other only by small design changes.
   The binocular we are considering is the latest version. The possibility that the device belongs to the last 400 pieces batch, released in 1932 (Hans T. Seeger. Zeiss Handfernlaser 1919-1946, Modelle-Merkmale-Mythos, p.865) is very high. It differs from the previous Turactem version,, by the increased height of objective covers (from 16 to 19 mm - see photo).
   The weight also increased slightly (from 455 g to 470 g). In addition, the serial number has moved from the right front prism cover to the lower hinge disk.
   Turactem is a “civilian” model; this fact is proved by the central focusing mechanism on which the diopter scale is applied. The interpupillary distances scale is indicated on the upper hinge disk.
   The considered device has eyepieces with base diameter equal to 20.5 mm and upper prism cover width equal to 46 mm (see photo). The eyepieces’ front lens diameter is 10.5 mm. The right eyepiece has a diopter scale and both eyepieces possess longitudinal knurling. The binocular’s body height (including upper prism cover) is equal to 71 mm; the height without lens frame is 52 mm. Prism covers are attached to binocular’s housing with the help of one screw.
   There are inscriptions “Carl Zeiss Jena” on the left prism cover. There is also an inscription “Turactem 1561821 8x24” on the right prism cover. The inscription is made in block letters against the background of Carl Zeiss Tessar photo lens schematic image.
   The binocular’s serial number is “1561821” and it was released as a 400 pieces batch in 1932.
   The first Turactem version with central focusing, namely Turactem 8x model, can be checked by the following link:
   The Turact 8x model with separate focusing is given here: